Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the minor?

Enroll by filling out the Pratt Major Declaration Form and selecting Energy Engineering from the "Minor in Pratt" drop-down menu.

I am a junior in Pratt. Can I still enroll in the program and graduate with a minor in energy engineering?

Yes, absolutely. Please consult the Course Descriptions section on this site for course offering plans and make sure you can complete all minor requirements before you graduate. It may require you to overload.

I am a Trinity student. Can I graduate with a minor in energy engineering?

At this time, the Energy Engineering minor is only for Pratt students. However, ENRGYEGR courses are open to all students. We would like to hear from all interested students, so please contact us so that we can keep track of interest in the minor outside Pratt.

What are the differences between the Minor in Energy Engineering and the Certificate in Energy and the Environment?

The certificate is a less technical program (for example, it includes a Markets and Policy requirement) and is open to Trinity students.

I found a course relevant to Energy Engineering but it is not listed in the minor requirements. Can I take it and count it towards my requirement?

This may be possible. Please contact the program director before enrolling. Indicate in your e-mail the course title and number, course description, term you intend to take it, and to which course area (Generation and Delivery or Conversion and Efficiency) you wish to apply it. We will then consider your petition.

Do you have plans to offer more courses?

Yes. Please consult the Course Descriptions section on this site for course offering plans (it will be updated regularly)

Why are all the courses numbered 490 Special Topics?

The Pratt School of Engineering has a tradition to give permanent course numbers only after they have been taught once as a Special Topics course. Thus permanent numbers will come soon. To avoid confusion, we will be keeping the same section numbers for the new courses and refer to them with their full names (e.g., ENRGYEGR 490.03: Special Topics - Renewable Energy Technologies). One consequence of this is that enrollment in ENRGYEGR 490.0x courses requires consent of instructor. Please contact our Program Coordinator if you experience any problems.

How can I conduct research related to energy?

A number of faculty at Duke conduct research in the broad area of energy. Consult the People section of this site for a partial list of faculty. We will soon have a ENRGYEGR 492 Projects in Energy Engineering course approved for independent work and research projects. In the interim, you can enroll in department-specific Projects courses (generally numbered 491 through 493)

Are there any student clubs, competitions, activities or else for students interested in Energy Engineering?

There is an undergraduate club entitled the Duke Energy Club for both Pratt and Trinity students interested in Energy. For more information, please visit:

What other relevant energy courses are being offered at Duke?

See the following link for a listing of energy courses being offered at Duke currently: