Energy Engineering Minor Requirements

Five unique courses and one capstone design course must be completed to earn the Minor in Energy Engineering. The requirements for the minor are below; you can also read course descriptions for the new ENRGYEGR courses and check out our anticipated teaching schedule. Click here for a detailed check list to help you keep track of your progress in the program.

Core Course

One required:

  • ENRGYEGR 310: Introduction to Energy Generation, Delivery, Conversion and Efficiency
  • or ME 461: Energy Engineering and the Environment

Energy Engineering Area Courses

Four required, at least one in each category, up to two outside Duke:

Generation and Delivery

  • ENRGYEGR 490.XX: Special Topics - Bioenergy, or BAE 528* Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes
  • ENRGYEGR 490.XX: Special Topics - Renewable Energy Technologies
  • ENRGYEGR 490.XX: Special Topics - Modern Power Systems
  • NE 301* Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
  • MAE 503* Advanced Power Plants
  • Other energy relevant course (with prior approval)

Conversion and Efficiency

  • ENRGYEGR 490.XX: Special Topics - Energy for the Built Environment
  • ENRGYEGR 490.XX: Special Topics - Electrical Coversion, (or equivalent course at Duke)
  • ENRGYEGR 490.XX (ENRGYEGR 370) Special Topics - Transportation Energy
  • MAE 421* Design of Solar Thermal Systems
  • Other energy relevant course (with prior approval)

*taught at NCSU (More information on how to enroll in courses at NCSU and other universities as a visiting student through the Inter-Institutional Agreement can be found here)

Other courses not listed here (e.g., Bass Connections in Energy) can be considered to fulfill the area course requirements. They are to be approved by the Energy Engineering Program Director on an individual basis with consideration given to the engineering content and relevance to the field. Please contact the Program Director before enrolling.

Capstone Design

One required:

  • EGR 424L
  • or Departmental capstone if the project is energy-related, with prior approval by the Energy Engineering Program Director.