Course Schedule

A tentative schedule for key courses for the minor is shown in the table below. This information will be updated with new courses and specialty courses, so please check regularly for updates. Consult DukeHub for exact scheduling and to add these courses to your shopping cart. Because many ENRGYEGR courses are still taught as Special Topics 490.0X courses, you may have to have a permission to enroll (contact the instructor or for permission numbers).

Tentative Schedule of Offerings

Course Short title F'21 S'22 F'22 S'23 F'23 S'24
ME 461 Intro X
ME 490 Modern Power Systems X       X  
ME 490 Wind Turbine Design X          
ME 490 Renewable Energy Tech   X   X   X
ME 490 Power for Mech Systems   X   X   X
ECE 341L Solar Cells  
ECE 431 Power Electronics  
X       X